What is a Insurance recorded  Car?

What is a Hpi recorded car

At Rpm we hand pick every car to be the lightest and easiest of repairs. Having served 10 years in the RAF as a vehicle mechanic, then 10 years as a dealership master technician for BMW and Porsche, i believe i am more than qualified and experienced. Previously insurance classes were D and C, with the majority of Cat D cars now being classed as 'S'. Not many are being classed as 'N' ( the new D) due to stringent new government rules which state any damage, even a dent to sills, rear quarters or some panels is now classed as structural.

As you will notice 80% on the internet are now this class as you will see from my stock, previously all were cat D recorded. It hasn't effected sales or resale. For you as a buyer it doesn't affect what your purchasing, always ask for the pre repair photos which insurance will always provide to the trade buyer of the salvage, if the company wont provide this...walk away. As my very clear adverts show im here to be completely open and transparent so you can buy with total confidence while saving many thousands of pounds. We now have over 50 Five Star reviews which would be three times as much if people reviewed as promised. All these reviews are legitimate buyers with evidence available. My company is based on total satisfaction so that you have a great exciting experience as buying and hunting for a car should be fun! I am genuinely here to give you a car at huge saving with all the information and back up you will ever need. Have faith in my company and i will take care of the rest! 

CALL, EMAIL AND BUY WITH TOTAL CONFIDENCE. You will be rewarded with a superb machine with customer service second to none unlike 90% of unscrupulous car dealers


There Are Many Reasons Why Insurance Companies Write-off a Car:


The biggest reason is due to the car being less than 3 years old, and also non fault accidents so the owner is put back into a brand new car on the offenders insurance.

The other main reason is simply due to the assured damage being more than 1/3rd of the cost of the retail value, this could account to a front bumper and a set of airbags on most BMW and high value vehicles. We personally select all of our cars to be of the lightest of damage and the easiest of repairs fully assured with no chassis damage. We choose cars with just bolt on original parts damage which we fit to a perfect factory standard.

Will I Be Able To Sell The Car And What Will Its Worth Be:

Category recorded cars are just like a normal car the only difference is the price they run 20%-25% behind retail value thus said desirability specification and quality can easily increase this. Over your ownership of a car the and future sale you will lose less money than a retail value car the 20% comes closer as the car devalues naturally.

Resale is not a problem as long as you are honest and provide all evidence of the works carried out on the car.We feel confidence is everything and this is entirely what we provide for you as a buyer.


Would I Be Able To Get an Independent Inspection Done Before I Purchase a Car From RPM.


Most definitely yes in fact we are so confident of the quality of the work and products we actually encourage it so you as the buyer can be confident in the sale too. We have the contacts for local Assured inspectors who charge between £120-£150 who will report directly back to you and you alone so youve nothing to fear! 


Does Dealership Warranty Still Apply:


Service packs still apply in full the dealers get paid by the factory so they actually want to see you. Dealer warranty will not apply to repaired vehicles, This said here at RPM have vast knowledge and experience so we are always happy to assist in any issues you may have and always happy to help and advise.


Are These Cars Easy to Insure:


Yes they are we buy from insurers, however some insurers do require a valid MOT to insure even if the car is only a couple of months old, if this is needed we will arrange this without any issues. You will however need to inform your insurance the car is HPI recorded at point of taking out the insurance on the vehicle as this will affect any claim payout in future.




We pride ourselves on passion and performance and also excellent customer service, when buying a car from us you will be dealing with the directors of the company who pride themselves on being some of the best in the business.